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You can get all the games from one of the best FPS series ever for $6

Alongside Half-Life and Doom, there is one other FPS game series that defined the PC’s golden era, and you can own it all for under $6.

FEAR Steam FPS game: A villain, Paxton Fettel, from Steam FPS game FEAR

What’s your favorite videogame weapon? It’s okay, we’ve all got one. If you’ve been playing shooters since the ‘90s, the Super Shotgun from Doom 2 will surely make your list. Likewise, Gordon Freeman’s iconic red crowbar, that trusty stretch of steel that stayed with you through all of Half-Life, deserves at least an honorable mention. The GEP Gun from Deus Ex. The Super Nailgun from Quake. Jump forward to the mid ‘00s, and Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun becomes a strong contender. The AWP from Counter-Strike, too. But there’s one videogame gun that reigns above them all. The metallic star of one of the best FPS games ever, it’s a distillation of everything there is to love about shooters. Do you know what I’m talking about? One of the most vicious and varied FPS series of all time, now you can own every single entry for less than $6.

The shotgun from FEAR is the most impressive, gratifying, and oftentimes frightening gun in all FPS games. Loud and punchy, it turns any Armacham trooper unlucky enough to get caught on its business end into a cloud of red mist. Combined with FEAR’s acrobatic ragdoll physics, the 2005 classic remains one of the best ways to have good, unclean fun in the history of games. FEAR 2, admittedly, is something of a step down. The murky, back-alley brutality of the original is exchanged for an aesthetic that’s cleaner and more sci-fi. Nevertheless, the mech suit sections are a blast, and there’s joy to be found in the later, outdoor sections.

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FEAR 3 is a return to form. The cover system is a little fussy, but adds a welcome new dimension to the run-and-gun style found elsewhere. It’s got a great ending (you can’t help but smile when Danzig rolls over the credits), and a few solid setpieces, particularly the vehicular showdown on the destroyed highway. The co-op, though, is where FEAR 3 really shimmers. One person plays as Point Man, the other, Paxton Fettel. By mixing Point Man’s brute force with Fettel’s slippery psy powers, you can engineer some seriously grand gun battles.

And now it’s all yours, the entire series, plus the respective DLC packs, for $5.49 / £3.59. That’s three games and three add-ons for less than the price of lunch. If you want the entire FEAR series for under $6, just go right here, right now.

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