Fictorum is a third-person action game that captures the raw power of a mighty mage


Wizards generally feel a tad weak in games, but Fictorum aims to change that, letting you rain meteors on your enemies, lay waste to entire armies and pull buildings to the ground. 

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It’s just launched on Kickstarter, but the developers say they’ll finish it even if it doesn’t hit its modest$25,000 goal.

Fictorum casts you as the most powerful wizard in the world and lets you loose as he gets revenge on the Inquisition, a sprawling theocratic empire that’s really rather nasty.

He does this by bringing houses down onto their heads with massive fireballs, freezing them in place and toppling them over, and various other flashy, magic wielding ways. That’ll teach ’em.

You can even tweak your spells mid combat, making them more potent, spreading them out or even setting them up so they cause chain reactions.

On this mission you travel through a randomly-generated world map, each place separated by a node. You have to choose whether to risk that fortified location for better loot or to save your strength and take the easy route.

It looks great already. Check out the trailer for a better idea: