Fid-back Castro: Tropico 5 beta registration begins

Tropico 5 is set in the series-standard paradise - but life for its people will not be so sunny.

Tropico 5 is out now; here’s our Topico 5 review.

Tropico is a game in which you want to put your people nice apartments, so you want to get them good jobs at the TV station, and so you send the younger ones to school, but then there’s nobody in the mines and the farms and suddenly you have a sprawling shantytown for the proletariat and you’re exactly the sort of despot you didn’t want to be.

Its last iteration was a better SimCity than SimCity, and the new one’s open for beta sign-up. Better bag a bit o’ beta, then.

Kalypso will be selecting a “limited number” of participants for the time being – and will notify all of them via email.

You only need to fill in a form, and in doing so demonstrate your “appropriate language skills” – a “registration prerequisite”, since the game is English-only at this juncture. If you parsed the chim-chiminey wordplay at the beginning of this article, you’re more than qualified.

In the process, you’ll set up two accounts – one for the Kalypso launcher, and another for the publisher’s forums. Because beta’s a two-way thing, right? You’ll be asked to do your bit for feedback.

How did you get on with Tropico 4? I know our Rob found it a bit sedate, but I’ve found that tornadoes and Uncle Sam are more than enough for a rusty simster to deal with.