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Crusaders Kings 3 has a new grand strategy rival, and it’s out soon

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is a massive historical strategy game sequel in the vein of Crusader Kings 3, and it's out on Steam very soon.

Crusaders Kings 3 has a new grand strategy rival, and it's out soon: A medieval tapestry style illustration of a knight on a horse holding a white flag.

Field of Glory is one of the stand out series in the grand strategy genre, enjoying a place alongside games like Crusader Kings 3, Hearts of Iron 4, and, if you’re not too precious about genre strictures, Total War: Three Kingdoms. Its latest entry, Field of Glory: Kingdoms, looks to continue the reputation the series has built over more than a decade, providing intricate nation management and medieval combat. And, as we’ve just learned, it’s going to launch on Steam very soon.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is, like 2021’s Field of Glory 2: Medieval and 2019’s Field of Glory: Empires, a grand strategy game with a historical focus. Set in 1054 and encompassing the turmoil that follows over the next two centuries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Kingdoms requires players to manage a nation as its rulers attempt to expand and solidify their position in a chaotic world.

Its Steam page highlights the sheer scale of the game, noting the inclusion of nearly 400 different factions, 600 buildings, 325 unit types, and 90 new cultural traits. Players will need to manage political relationships both within their own realm and outside of it by keeping their population content, ensuring a favorable succession, overseeing religious strife, and, of course, going to war and conducting battles.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms can be played solo or in a multiplayer mode with up to 15 other players. It also includes a system to “export and load your battles into Field of Glory 2: Medieval and then load the results back into [Kingdoms.]”

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Field of Glory: Kingdoms is set to launch this June. Check out more of the game or add it to your wishlist on Steam right here.

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