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FIFA 18’s box art is like a logo apocalypse, but Ronaldo looks good in Frostbite


Surprise! EA’s yearly football game is once again coming out, this time with a number 18 on the end. Expect ball-kicking, sweaty, Frostbite-rendered faces, compulsive team management, and more up-to-date team stats. Lincoln might even be worth a shout now. 

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Where the Ultimate Team’s Legends skipped the last FIFA on PC, Legends will appear in this iteration under the banner of ‘Icons’, so you can recruit your favourite players to your dream team. It’s the full experience at last.

Ronaldo is looking good in the new trailer above. Much better than the bronze bust recently sculpted. You know, the one that looks like the talking head from Art Attack (sorry if you’re not British).

The box art isn’t looking so good, however. I mean, look at it:



The graphic designer couldn’t find a clean bit of shirt to plaster the words FIFA 18 over, so they just kinda plonked it on top of all the sponsorship.

They’d have been better off slapping it on Ronaldo’s forehead, which I’ve handily cropped off out of sheer jealousy. Take that, rich pretty boy.

FIFA 18 will release on September 29, though pre-orders of the Ronaldo Edition on Origin will get three days Early Access.

Check Origin for the various editions.