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Huge new building and RTS game is like an unofficial Factorio sequel

Like an unofficial sequel to Factorio, and also inspired by Satisfactory and Homeworld, a huge new RTS game is available right this second.

Final Factory new Steam RTS game: A huge space station from new Steam RTS game Final Factory

Factorio and Homeworld are prestige examples of two of the greatest traditions in PC gaming. We like strategy. We like scale. We like carefully planning and executing a grand plan, and being able to stand back and marvel at the intricate worlds we have created. It’s a relationship rooted in Civilization and SimCity, and pioneered today by the likes of Satisfactory and Cities Skylines 2. Combining automation, sci-fi, space exploration, and strategic ambition, a new building and RTS game with a superb, colorful visual flair, is available to play right now having just launched on Steam.

Welcome to the wonderfully named Final Factory. A building and RTS game set in the deepest reaches of the cosmos, the goal here is to combine structural and spaceship design with sweeping military conquest, as you plunder resources, automate and manage production, and gradually expand your creations to overwhelm hostile alien forces. With an expansive tech tree, you begin with a single space nation and a meager fleet of accompanying ships. But after just a few hours, you can create an enormous network of trade, mass manufacturing, exploration, and military outposts.

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Every space station can be equipped to house a fleet of combat units. They can also be outfitted with rockets and propulsion systems, allowing you to mobilize even the most mega of megastructures to counter the alien threat. Build Dyson Spheres and Dark Star Gates to harvest galactic energy and explore space beyond the event horizon. At the same time, you’ll need to discover new abilities and building options to cultivate a robust standing army, and keep the various alien species at bay. Alternatively, Final Factory has a wonderful pacifist mode, allowing you to idly build to your heart’s content.

A mix of Homeworld, Command and Conquer, and Factorio, Final Factory is available right this second, with an introductory 20% discount if you act fast. The debut title from independent developer Never Games, if you want to try Final Factory, it’s available right here.

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