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The Final Fantasy 15 benchmark tool is now available, and you can totally break it

final fantasy 15 pc benchmark

Final Fantasy XV was a lovely game in its console iteration, and the PC version promises to be even better-looking, especially for as much as Square Enix continue talking up the port. But they’ve already announced some stiff system requirements, so you may be wondering just how well your PC will manage against all those bells and whistles.

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Lucky for you, there’s now a standalone benchmarking tool for Final Fantasy XV that will show you exactly how your hardware will handle the adventures of Noctis and the boys.The 3.7GB download will run a series of events in realtime, from a joyride in the Regalia to some fishing in the rain, off to a bit of combat and an appearance from Shiva. (The appearance of mostly-nude ice lady really takes me back to the dark days of standalone GPU benchmarks.)

After Ignis serves up one of his trademark meals, you’re given a score based on overall performance. Big number is naturally better, though if you want to measure a more straightforward metric like frame rate, you’ll need to use a third-party overlay. You can see a full list of average results across various GPUs here.

For a bit of fun, though, you can actually break the tool once Noctis is on foot by holding the arrow keys, letting you take a tiny bit of control and run around the demo area. Sort of, anyway. I managed to get Noctis moving purely through sword swings, which an interesting but not especially effective form of locomotion.

If you want to break FF15 for yourself, you can grab the benchmark tool here. Can you run it? Check your PC against the Final Fantasy XV system requirements 2021 on PCGameBenchmark.