Will Final Fantasy 7 Remake come to PC? Box art hints it’s possible

Final Fantasy VII Remake box art confirms the game is only a timed PS4 exclusive

While developer Square Enix said earlier this year there are no plans for a Final Fantasy VII Remake PC release, it looks like it could be a possibility one day – maybe. Final Fantasy VII Remake box art has emerged online that confirms the game will only be a timed PlayStation exclusive, not a full exclusive as was previously believed.

The box art, which can be seen on the Square Enix store (check it out below), contains a note: ‘PlayStation exclusive. Play first on PS4’ – which you’d expect, but it’s followed by: ‘Timed exclusive until March 3, 2021.’ That’s a year to the day after its release on Sony’s platform.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean the game – a total remake of 1997’s PlayStation action RPG Final Fantasy VII – will head to other platforms in the future, it indicates that it’s at least not a true PlayStation exclusive, and there’s room to hope that it’ll head to PC one day.

Rumours of an Xbox One release were circulating earlier this year, which arose partly following a video that appeared on Xbox Germany’s Facebook page, subsequently taken down and confirmed as “an internal mistake in the social team,” suggesting the game would release on Microsoft’s console on launch day.

Those rumours seemed to be dispelled by Square Enix’s statement that there were no plans for releases on other platforms. However, given this new end date for its PlayStation exclusivity and launch of the Xbox Game Pass for PC, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to speculate that one day the game could become available on PC, one way or another. Of course, by 2021 we’ll be into the next generation of consoles, so it’s not clear how its availability could work.

We reached out to Square Enix, and the studio said it has no plans for other platforms at this time.