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The Final Fantasy 7 remake is a series of standalone games - “we don’t know” how many

The episodic release of Final Fantasy 7 will be spread across multiple full games

June 11, 2019 Even Square Enix doesn’t know how many Final Fantasy 7 remake games there will be.

We knew the Final Fantasy 7 remake would be coming in pieces, but we didn’t really know how they’d be distributed – whether it would be an episodic release or a set of standalone releases. Last night, Square Enix confirmed it would be the latter. The first part, set primarily in Midgar, will be a “fully standalone gaming experience.” How many will follow? We don’t know, and neither do the developers.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase says can’t confirm how many individual games there will be, “because we don’t know ourselves.” That comes via an interview with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. At the presentation, Square Enix said that that the game is set to take up two Blu-ray discs worth of storage space – but that seems to be an indication of the game’s scope, not necessarily how it will be released.

With no official indication of how many Final Fantasy 7 releases there will be, we’ve got to guess – and the fact that Midgar barely even accounts for the first of the original game’s three discs should be some hint.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake will still be priced as a regular game. You can already pre-order the standard edition for $59.99, or opt for a predictably expensive deluxe edition or collector’s package. Of course, there’s no PC version to order and no indication of a PC release date. Instead, you’ll have to settle for the Final Fantasy 8 remaster if you want your nostalgic FF fix on PC.

No slight to FF8, but the remaster doesn’t have quite the same impact as the full FF7 remake you can see in the trailer above.