Square Enix updates 14-year-old Final Fantasy VIII with lots of cheats

Final Fantasy VIII update

Final Fantasy VIII was released over 14 years ago on PC. Square Enix have decided to give it an update, possibly thanks to increased attention after becoming available on Steam late last year. 

Squall, Seifer and all their SEED chums will benefit from what are, effectively, cheats. Those roguish teens, never playing by the rules. What will they get up to next?

The New Game Boosters are designed to make the game easier. Considerably so. Every scene, including cutscenes and fights can be fast-forwarded, averaging about five times their normal speed – that’s most of the game going super-fast, which might be a good thing if you can’t stomach how long it is.

That’s more of a feature than a cheat, but the rest are a little more game-breaking. Battle Assistance makes the ATB gauge constantly full, HP always full and limit break always available.

There are also cheats that make attacks deal 9,999 damage, max out magic and max out Gil.

The update is available now, so fire it up on Steam and breeze through the game.