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Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is still coming to PC according to Square Enix

Lightning Returns PC

If you’ve finished both Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 – which were both brought to PC last year – and are waiting for the third and final installment, don’t worry. Square Enix have gone on record to say that Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is still on the way for PC, but it’s just taking a little more time.

Square Enix made the announcement via their Twitter:

Although Square Enix stated they they’d have all three games out on PC by the end of spring this year, it would make sense to take a little more time with it after the number of issues the first two ports had on the PC – both later much improved with a post-release patch.

We can however expect to see Square Enix at this year’s E3, with their first ever show and conference. It’s possible that, along with other titles, that will be the time we’ll find out when exactly we can expect Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. You can look forward to that on Tuesday, June 16th at 10am PDT.

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