FFXIV 6.1 gets revealed in one day – here’s what we know

We're one week away from the full reveal of FFXIV's next big patch, but the devs have already unveiled plenty

March 4, 2022 Here’s the FFXIV Live Letter 69 summary.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has come and gone, wrapping up a decade’s worth of story threads that have been weaving their way through the MMORPG. We’ve already got some new content patches introducing the Pandaemonium raid, but the big next step is 6.1. The devs already revealed a few details on 6.1 in the last big Live Letter, but a fresh broadcast breaking down much more information is set to air this Friday.

Letter from the Producer Live Part LXIX is set to air on Friday, March 4 at 3am PST / 6am EST / 11am GMT via YouTube and Twitch. Unlike recent major Live Letters, there will be no live interpretation into English this time. However, bullet-point slides breaking down the features of the new 6.1 patch will be shown in English, and members of the FFXIV Discord will likely provide their usual fan translations of the developer commentary.

FFXIV patch is currently targeted for release in April, as the devs revealed in the last Live Letter. We will, of course, get a new set of main scenario quests – particularly notable this time around, as it’ll be our first steps to the new story post-Endwalker – as well as the first Alliance Raid for this patch series, new tribe quests (the devs are ditching the ‘beast’ terminology going forward), and more.

Here’s the official list of what’s coming in the 6.1 patch series.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1 features

  • New main Scenario questline
  • “Somehow further Hildibrand adventures”
  • “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor” sidequest series
  • Myths of the Realm #1 (Alliance Raid)
  • Crystalline Conflict (new PvP)
  • Arkasodara tribe quests and dailies
  • Dragonsong’s Reprise (new Ultimate duty)
  • Ultima’s Bane (Unreal)
  • Trust support for A Realm Reborn (Patch 2.0) main scenario dungeons
  • New calling card-style UI (Name TBD)
  • New hairstyles for Hrothgar
  • Empyreum (Ishgard housing)
  • Custom Deliveries: Ameliance
  • Plus, new Trials and other assorted updates…

We’ll learn a lot more about what to expect from each of those features when the new Live Letter airs on March 4.

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For more on the rest of the FFXIV roadmap announced so far, you can follow that link.

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