FFXIV is finally getting more glamour slots

More glamour plates will hit FFXIV in patch 6.1, and the devs aim to expand the glamour dresser in 6.2

A Viera in Final Fantasy XIV who probably makes good use of glamour plates

For many MMO players, fashion is the true endgame – and that sentiment is particularly prevalent in Final Fantasy XIV. FFXIV has a robust glamour system to change up the look of your gear, but it's got one major limitation: there are only so many slots to store your outfits and glamour items. That's finally starting to change as of patch 6.1.

In patch 6.1, you'll now have 20 glamour plates to play with, up from 15. That's just enough to cover all of FFXIV's combat classes, though fashion-conscious players aren't going to be satisfied until there are enough plates for the crafters and gatherers, too. You'll also be able to use those glamour plates in far more locations – almost any sanctuary where you can earn the rested XP bonus will let you change your glamour.

The devs are also working to expand the glamour dresser (as translated by the FFXIV Discord), but that work is unlikely to arrive until patch 6.2, which is likely to launch much later in the year.

Whenever 6.2 lands, the devs are hoping to expand the glam dresser slots from 400 all the way up to 800, for far more fashion items to keep in storage.

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