FFXIV villains won’t just be bigger gods after Endwalker

Expect a different brand of FFXIV villains post-Endwalker, as Naoki Yoshida doesn't want to just keep "inflating" the scale of the MMO's threats

FFXIV villains: A player character surrounded by robed Ascians

FFXIV‘s villains have been a pretty diverse group, but as a decade of storytelling concluded in Endwalker, the stakes reached reality-cracking heights. The devs behind the MMORPG have already hinted that there’s going to be a gentle story reset post-Endwalker, but in a new interview, director and producer Naoki Yoshida confirms that we shouldn’t expect to immediately go back to fighting bigger and badder gods.

In a Famitsu interview, Yoshida mentions that previous Final Fantasy games have had players going against personifications of the Void itself. However, as Siliconera translates, Yoshida “doesn’t think continuously inflating the scale of the story and making stronger bosses is a good idea”.

As detailed in live letter 69, FFXIV’s next patch is called Newfound Adventure, hinting that we’ll be returning to the more traditional adventurer role that player characters began with in A Realm Reborn. Writer Natsuko Ishikawa says that the devs aren’t entirely done with the Endwalker plot, however, and a “smaller-scale,” “complementary” story will explore some of the expansion’s events in further detail.

Patch 6.1 is set to launch in April, and will be our first proper look at the post-Endwalker story.

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