Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn reaches six million cumulative players, not bigger than World of Warcraft


Square Enix have announced that in the three years since launching the Final Fantasy MMO, it’s managed to pull in an impressive six million players from around the world, and that excludes free trial members.

Massive and multiplayer your flavour, these are the MMOs for you.

Six million might be higher than the 5.5 million subscribed users Blizzard reported in October last year, but that figure is concurrent, not cumulative. For context, at its peak in 2012, World of Warcraft recorded over 12 million subscribed users – so no, it’s nowhere near as big as World of Warcraft.

The announcement coincides with the release of patch 3.35, the first significant entry in a run of many planned content updates that are coming to the MMO. Patch 3.35 introduces the Palace of the Dead dungeon, which boasts randomly generated maps, a new progression system that starts all players at level one and well over a dozen floors. The new dungeon can be tackled in parties of four and, as you’d expect, has lots of shiny loot for marauders to get their mits on.

With the wind apparently in their sails, Square Enix are also launching a free login campaign that will run for five days, starting 5 July. The offer is open to lapsed players who have not used their account in 30 days prior to the campaign beginning, and it intended to allow them to try out the game’s new content for free.

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For a full list of the changes coming in patch 3.35, check out the patch notes here.