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A Realm in Peril: villainy has an oddly-masked new face in Final Fantasy XIV

The Realm, Final Fantasy XIV: looking properly imperilled.

This trailer for A Realm Reborn’s next big plot twist ticks off plenty of JRPG stereotypes – a stellar soundtrack; unparalleled boss fights; unbearable cuteness; dialogue so unnatural as to be irritating, if the voice acting weren’t so entertaining.

But MMOs are the sphere where Eastern genre conventions meet West – storytelling standards are low, all battles are real-time, and a game like Final Fantasy XIV can be the best place to quest on any continent according to our A Realm Reborn review.

So, er – go easy on it, yeah? It’s actually very good.

So that’s a dirty great clue about where the Realm’s story is headed next. No word on when its related update will hit the game – but it’ll presumably be accompanied by the new Rogue class and Ninja job also announced at E3.

If you want a job done properly, ask a ninja. Are you looking for a career change?