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FF14’s 2B outfit makes your butt better

Nier: Automata is a wonderful game which features an esoteric but emotional story, memorable characters, and solid action to tie it all together. It also has what is now probably the most famous butt in videogames. The outfit of protagonist 2B took the internet by storm, and now it’s available for your Final Fantasy XIV character as part of the Nier alliance raid in patch 5.1. It has some, uh, interesting effects.

If you manage to pick up the glamour – it’s a raid drop, but it’s not guaranteed – you can equip it in pieces. Equip just the thigh-highs and, well, you’re going to get an intimate look at your character’s butt. And if you’re running a female character, the outfit will give you a noticeably larger, more curvaceous booty, true to current societal tastes.

The outfit isn’t gender-locked, either, so you can get your male characters in on the 2B cosplay, too. Sadly, men’s butts remain roughly the same size under the influence of Nier clothing, but they are absolutely more fabulous. (Listen, it’s a very flattering underwear cut.)

Here’s the comparison for women…

And for men.

I like to imagine Yoko Taro demanded these better booties as part of the collaboration, but I guess we don’t know for sure.

You can check out a big list of other excellent MMORPG titles at that link, but I don’t know why you’d need to look beyond FF14 at this point.

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