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There will finally be an FFXIV auto-target option in 6.1

At long last, the limited FFXIV auto-target options are getting replaced with a proper version, as detailed in the 6.1 preliminary patch notes

FFXIV auto-target: Final Fantasy XIV characters prepare for battle

The preliminary patch notes for patch 6.1 live, and it looks like we’re finally getting a proper FFXIV auto-target option. That could be a massive quality-of-life upgrade over the current, extremely limited auto-target setting. While the biggest additions to the MMO this patch were already noted in previous Live Letters, there are plenty of notable new tweaks and details in the update details.

When the FFXIV patch 6.1 release date arrives on Tuesday, April 12, you’ll find a new ‘auto-target settings’ section in the target section of the character configuration menu. This will target-based abilities to automatically select an enemy when you have no target specified, and is sure to be a lifesaver when you’re spamming AOEs on trash mobs in your dungeon roulettes. You’ll be able to choose whether the system prioritises the closest target or the next enemy in your line of sight.

There’s far too much in the patch notes to run everything down here, but some of the highlights include the fact that players can now be revived after falling from the arena in duties like The Navel and the Extreme version of Whorleater.

Entry subscriptions will now let you create up to eight characters on a single server. (You’ll still be limited to a total of eight per data centre, however.) This cheaper subscription option has always been a great offer for folks who aren’t into alts, and this will make it even better for the alt-curious.

We’ve also gotten a few more details on what some of the reworked 2.0 dungeons will look like. (We already got an extensive breakdown of the changes to Cape Westwind, Castrum Meridianum, and Praetorium.)

  • Copperbell Mines
    • The content of the battle with Kottos has been adjusted.
    • The content of the battle with Ichorous Ire has been adjusted.
    • The content of the battle with Gyges the Great has been adjusted.
    • Certain dungeon mechanics have been adjusted.
  • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
    • Certain mechanics in the battle with Graffias have been adjusted.
    • Extensive changes to general progression through the dungeon have been implemented.
  • Haukke Manor
    • The content of the battle with Lady Amandine has been adjusted.
    • After the battle with the manor steward and manor jester, an object allowing players to warp back to the starting point will now appear.
    • The positioning of certain monsters has been adjusted.
  • Brayflox’s Longstop
    • The content of the battle with Aiatar has been adjusted.
    • The positioning of certain monsters has been adjusted.
    • The map layout has been adjusted.
  • Dzemael Darkhold
    • The route through the dungeon has been adjusted, and the positioning of certain treasure coffers has been changed accordingly.
  • The Stone Vigil
    • The content of the battle with Koshchei has been adjusted.
    • The difficulty of certain mechanics has been eased during the battle with Isgebind.

On top of all that, a bunch of gear is dropping the gender lock. Oh, and that sick Nier pod mount that was shown off in the Live Letter? You’ll be able to pick that up at the Gold Saucer for MGP. Sadly, though, those Hrothgar hairstyles were not an April Fools joke.

These are still the preliminary patch notes, so if you’re looking forward to the full list of job changes in 6.1, you can expect those to land alongside the update itself on April 12.