You “may discover” that one of Final Fantasy XIV’s shards is FF7’s Midgar

More Final Fantasy XIV expansions could take us to new worlds, Square Enix says

Final Fantasy XIV’s big 5.11 patch only arrived just recently, but developer Square Enix has already begun talking about what it could bring to the game in the future. In an interview with PCGamesN, longtime Final Fantasy producer and FF14 director Naoki Yoshida has teased what could be in store in future expansions and updates.

Asked about the possibility of travelling to more of Shadowbringers’ thirteen shards in future, Yoshida replies: “As long as the players want to discover and explore new worlds, different shards, of course there’s a possibility. We’ve set up lore settings for each shard already, and so there’s a possibility that we might do another bridge to different worlds, different realms. Probably [in] one of the shards you may discover that it’s actually Midgar – there’s lots of possibilities and options there.

“It’s not just limited to different shards, but the place all of it came from was outside space, so it will be also very interesting to explore that area, not just the different shards.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Yoshida says he’d like to have single-player spin-off games for Final Fantasy XIV – but the team is too busy to make any themselves.

Recent additions to the MMO also include a crossover Nier raid – a raid that makes your butt bigger. The most recent major expansion, Shadowbringers, was a smash hit among the FF14 faithful, and recent additions like the Nier: Automata raid have proven similarly successful. The game’s reign among the best MMORPGs continues.

Additional reporting by Laurence Phillips.