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Final Fantasy XV dev team hopes to sell two million on PC

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Final Fantasy XV launches on PC in less than two weeks, bringing the road trip RPG to computers a year and a half after the console release. Even with the delay in mind, the FF15 development team has some big goals in mind for the new version’s success.

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In an interview with Japanese site 4gamer (translated by Siliconera), director Hajime Tabata spoke on the game’s current sales and expectations for the future. Final Fantasy XV has sold around seven million units so far, and the team hopes the PC version will help push them to a new goal.

“There’s been some talk within the team saying they’d like to reach 2 million with Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition alone,” Tabata says, as part of an effort to reach an overall objective of 10 million sold across versions.

But with that in mind, Tabata says their main goal is to “provide a good service” for as long as they can, one that presents a worthy value to prospective players. There have been plenty of updates for FF15 so far, including everything both season pass content and free updates.

The first season pass will be included with the PC version, along with plenty of new features. Presumably any future updates will also be heading to the new port. The Windows Edition’s new features and weird crossovers suggest it’s getting a major push from its makers, so hopefully the release will be worthy of those two million hopeful sales.

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Braneman avatarhfm avatarTaiga Kagami avatar
Braneman Avatar
4 Months ago

If the port is as good as their benchmarking tool I'm going to buy it.

hfm Avatar
4 Months ago

hmm.. they've sold 6M on PS4/XB1 combined... i dunno if 2M is achievable. Maybe if it came out at the same time, but there has to be some people that have both console and PC that would have bought it on PC if they could but chose to get a console copy because they wanted to play it.

Taiga Kagami Avatar
4 Months ago

It looks good and seems to have a nice multiplayer update, I think over time it could sell 2 million in its lifetime for sure on PC. It is going to have built in MOD support on PC, so could be like skyrim on PC always something new from the community.