Kingsglaive: FFXV official movie trailer doesn’t look terrible

Kingsglaive FFXV

For those eagerly awaiting September’s next big instalment in the Final Fantasy franchise, the movie accompaniment to FFXV’s release will be here a little sooner – for some.

Can’t wait that long to jump into a big rich fantasy world? Try one of the greatest RPGs on PC then.

Out already in Japan, the 110-minute feature-length film has received positive reviews by word of mouth, which has seen a marked rise in anticipation for North America’s limited theatrical release on August 19.

From this English language trailer, it’s hard not to get your hopes up if you remember the dark days of Spirits Within and Advent Children, though the film is supposedly based on ideas cut from the latter and made by the same team.

Big name voice talent should at least stave off some of its predecessor’s falling points as Sean Bean takes the role of King Regis (not a good sign for the monarch’s health given his casting history), Lena Headey as Lunafreya (Noctis’ betrothed oracle) and Aaron Paul as Nyx, the main protag for the film.

Also, Kingsglaive is just, well, that’s a pretty cool name for your special wing of bodyguards or whatever, the King’s Glaive. Not a spear, or a sword, no. A weapon far more obtuse and possibly unwieldy in combat but damn cool. That’s the Final Fantasy way.

Speaking of unwieldy in combat, these outfits are great. Just, honestly excellent, Paris Fashion Week material. Not hard to see why Lightning from FFXIII is fronting Louis Vuitton at the minute.

Though its Japanese release was weeks ago now, the rest of us outside of NA will need to wait for either the game’s release on September 30, where it will be bundled with the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of the FFXV game itself, or digital streaming services from August 30.

A standalone Blu-Ray or DVD release is scheduled for October 4 though it’s not confirmed if that is worldwide or region-based.