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First DayZ footage reveals new UI, new Chenarus, half naked men


Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has posted a video blog showing the world a first sneak peak at the upcoming Day Z Standalone. It shows off the new UI, clothing and takes a tour over some new areas of Chernarus. Dean also assures us that “development is continuing in extremely positive ways” while he is also “confident it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to join in the development yourself”. 

Without wasting another moment, here is video:

You can clearly see some vast improvements to the game even within the mere 14 minutes this preview clocks in at. Clothing might not seem like much but as Dean explained, it will serve as an alternative method to carry small items. Cargo pants are back in fashion.
Note the footage from 10:10, where Dean shows off the loot system. In the current mod (which has recently been updated), this house is just a placeholder, a filler to flesh out the scenery. Now it’s not only enterable but full of hidden goodies, in this case, beans.
Last on the scheduled tour was a new area to Chernarus, the swamp. This was designed by recently bailed Ivan Buchta, who communicated the idea via written mail while imprisoned over in Greece. Also new to Chernarus was the inclusion of a smaller island which was included in the original Arma 2 map, suggested by 4chan.
Take a look at the full blog post here.