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New Steam building game has mechs and dragons, and you can play it now

First Dwarf is a fantasy building game that channels Against the Storm and Valheim, and you can join a playtest for it right now on Steam.

Mechs and dragons come to new Steam builder you can play now: A cartoon man with a long red hair and beard, Tru from First Dwarf.

It seems like now’s the time to make a fantasy building game. We’ve seen the long gestating Dwarf Fortress finally launch in 2022, bipedal lizards and beavers constructing villages in Against the Storm late last year, and, more recently, storybook monsters taking center stage in this month’s Goblin Stone. Now, another entry to this subgenre has appeared with First Dwarf, a building game that casts players as a mech and dragon riding dwarf out to build a new home for himself in a strange wilderness growing atop giant rock islands floating in the sky. After waiting a while for more information on the game, we finally have more to go on thanks to a new gameplay overview and an impending playtest.

First Dwarf is a building game where players are cast as a dwarf named Tru, out to survive a dangerous world and build new homes for his fellow people. To do so, Tru needs to clear land and craft the materials necessary to create colonies, either in solo or in a two person co-op mode. This requires a lot of exploration, which is accomplished either by stomping and jumping around in a mech suit or flying on the back of a dragon.

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Combat in First Dwarf involves both action RPG game fights against enemy monsters (though there are friendly animals around as well) and base defence sequences that pit Tru’s turrets and fortifications against waves of vicious creatures. Tru’s mech and dragon also come with their own skills that can be upgraded as the story plays out.

There’s no launch date yet for First Dwarf other than a very general ‘coming soon,’ but creator Star Drifters opened a Steam playtest yesterday that will run until April 8. You can sign up for that playtest right here.

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