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Delightful dwarven survival crafting RPG sets imminent launch date

New survival RPG and colony management sim First Dwarf now has a release date, and you can download a Steam demo right now to try it out.

First Dwarf sets launch date - A dwarf with a long ginger beard clutches a large hammer.

With all the joyful dwarven rambuctiousness of Deep Rock Galactic, the survival crafting elements of games like Valheim and Sons of the Forest, and the colony management aspects of Rimworld and, of course, Dwarf Fortress, First Dwarf has been a bright spark on our radar. Now, it has finally unveiled a launch date – and not only is it soon, you can also jump in right now courtesy of a free Steam demo.

On the surface level, you take the role of the eponymous First Dwarf, exploring, gathering resources, and building out a base as you attempt to claim the materials necessary to save your kingdom from potential ruin following a devastating war. What starts out as a survival game, albeit one that bestows upon you a mech and a learned dragon companion, packs in ever more elements of settlement management as you build out your base and colony.

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The First Dwarf launches Wednesday June 19 via Steam Early Access. Ahead of that, you can download a demo right now to check it out and see what you think.

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