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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location out now on Steam with not scary 15% discount

FNAF sister location

All good horror franchises have one thing in common: sequels, and lots of them. The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise has only been around for two years and already we’ve arrived at its fifth instalment, Sister Location, which means we’re only a couple of years away from the inevitable Slenderman vs. Freddy. However, until then we’ll just have to make do with this massively expanded sequel, which is out now on Steam with a lovely 15% discount.

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Sister Location is the largest expansion of the series, adding heaps more features to the series’ signature point-and-click survival horror gameplay. Instead of scanning CCTV monitors and trying to repel an onslaught of creepy animatronic bears, Sister Location has the player crawling through air vents and trying to cross darkened rooms. For a sample of what that might look and feel like, watch the trailer below.

It’s also the friendliest FNAF game yet, with tutorial elements that tell the player both how to play the game and what they did wrong should they succumb to Sister Location’s murderous robots. The franchise also boasts a very active Reddit community, who are currently busy ripping the game to pieces in search of new slices of lore to add to the game’s ongoing narrative.

The survival horror game officially launched on Friday, October 7 with a small week-long discount that will end on October14.