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Forget Forza, one classic PC racing game is suddenly completely free

FlatOut, the classic, arcade-style racing game with an emphasis on destruction physics, is free to claim right now as part of new sale.

Flatout free on GOG: A man flies through the windshield of a car in FlatOut.

Modern racing games can be a bit overstuffed. Series like Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed, and Project Cars have tended toward offering players open-world activities and in-depth customization, extending the fantasy of digital racing in ways that alienate the kind of person who just prefers to hop into a level and smash into things at dangerously high speeds. Fortunately for those of us who fall into the latter category, older racing games still exist – and a great one from 2004, FlatOut, can be grabbed for free right now.

The free game offer for FlatOut comes as part of GOG’s Valentine’s Day themed Love at First Pixel sale, which runs from Wednesday February 14 to Wednesday February 21. Aside from discounts on the platform’s catalog of new and classic games, FlatOut is spotlighted as a giveaway.

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Billed as a blend of racing and demolition derby game, FlatOut offers a range of arena and dirt-road race tracks as well as a line-up of cars that can be smashed apart during matches. It also comes with a suite of minigames that help focus the car chaos with specific objectives.

A Wikipedia description lets us know that FlatOut’s physics engine was considered top notch when it launched, but that the game is probably best known for featuring drivers smashing through their windshields. This, we think, is an important point.

If you’d like to see those poor drivers for yourself, grab the game for free on GOG right here.

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