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Have you herd? Flockers launches on September 19th


The wooly Lemmings by way of Worms puzzle game, Flockers, is set to leave Early Access this month, launching on September 19th.

Vast flocks of sheep will be yours to protect, as they make their way through deadly, steampunk abattoirs. It might make you think twice before using exploding sheep in your next Worms match. 

Flockers has been up on Early Access for a while now, where you can grab it if you can’t wait for a couple of weeks.

It’s a decidedly gruesome game, with members of the flock frequently finding themselves turned to paste or ground up in gargantuan meat grinders. It’s enough to make you a vegetarian.

I took it for a spin when it first appeared on Steam, and was immediately transported back to playing Lemmings on my Amiga – which goes to show how long its been since I played Lemmings.

Team17 actually ported Lemmings onto the PSP, so this isn’t the first time it’s delved into the A to B puzzle genre.