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Floyd Mayweather is making a videogame


Floyd Mayweather is making (or more likely, paying other people to make, while consulting upon) a videogame. 

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Speaking with TMZ Sports at his 41st birthday party a couple of days ago, the champion former boxer says “I’m working on my videogame as we speak.” He also mentions that he didn’t feel able to get involved in EA’s Fight Night franchise because “before I do anything I gotta have some ownership.” It’s like the difference between chartering a jet and owning a jet, he explains, with a relatable simile.

Thiscouldbe a hint that a new Fight Night game is coming too, but now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There’s also no guarantee that either Mayweather’s game or a new Fight Night would make its way to PC.

But let’s hope they will, because boxing fans have been deprived of a decent videogame for many years now, and none more so than those who play their games on our platform. Fight Night Champion was probably the last major boxing game. It came out way back in 2011 and never made it to PC (though it didget an iOS port, for some reason).