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Football Manager 2016’s demo offers six months of graphs, charts and people in little shorts

Football Manager 2016's demo offers six months of graphs, charts and people in little shorts

The last time I played Football Manager, it was called Championship Manager, and it was the ‘90s. Being a wee lad in Scotland and not caring about football is not acceptable, so I pretended, and playing Championship Manager was my favourite way to pretend. It didn’t task me with actually watching any football, and it had loads of numbers and graphs and management shenanigans to keep a strategy addict like me occupied.

I rather liked it.

Football Manager 2016 launched just before the weekend, and I have been told that it might be a bit different from how I remember the series. No doubt, since I honestly couldn’t tell you the names of any but a handful of modern players and I have no idea how any of the leagues are looking. I’m a bit clueless.

But I confess I’m intrigued. I no longer need to pretend that I like football anymore, because it turns out that liking a particular sport isn’t an important aspect of adult life, but I quite openly like management sims, and Football Manager is famously one of the best.

Good thing there’s a demo.

You can grab it here, and see if it’s your cup of tea, as I am probably going to do myself. I expect to get very lost, but I’m sure I’ll find comfort in all the lovely charts and menus. The demo covers six in-game months, which seems like enough time to tell if you fancy it.

Cheers, RPS.