FM19 wonderkids for all positions: the best young players in Football Manager 2019

Wonderkids have the highest potential to take your squad to the next level. Here’s the top future talent for every position

FM 19 wonderkids

What are the best FM19 wonderkids? Football Manager 2019 is as tough as ever for new and veteran gaffers in their efforts to reach the highest echelons of the beautiful game. Whether you’re working your way up from the non-league outfit of lowly Biggleswade Town or you’re being parachuted to the helm of a top side as a fresh-faced, untested boss, Football Manager 2019 wonderkids will be essential in helping you ensure long-term success.

Just in case you’re a newbie FM 19 wonderkids are young players that will eventually flower into superstars. They’re young and therefore not as established as the big names currently plying their trade in the biggest clubs, leagues, and competitions. That means they tend to be cheaper and will future-proof your squad, provided you can keep them happy and devise the training strategies that allow them to realise their potential.

Below we’ve broken down the very best FM 2019 wonderkids in each position. If you want to do the research yourself then navigate to the ‘Squad Depth’ menu under ‘Team Report’ to give yourself a nice idea of where you’re short. For each position we’ve worked out the young bucks you need to sign by working out the players with the highest potential ability but are no older than 19 on the first day of your managerial career. Below you’ll find the Football Manager 2019 wonderkids you need in your first XI.

Here are the best FM 19 wonderkids by position:

FM 19 wonderkids goalkeepers

FM 19 wonderkids – goalkeepers

Name Age Current ability Potential ability Club Country
1. Alban Lafont 16 132 175 Fiorentina France
2. Gianluigi Donnarumma 19 150 173 Milan Italy
3. Alessandra Plizzari 18 150 173 Milan Italy
4. Manuel Gasparini 16 75 161 Udinese Italy
5. Andriy Lunin 19 120 159 Leganes Ukraine

So it turns out the Italian national team will be well-served in the coming years when it comes to shot-stoppers. And, considering the Azzurri have long enjoyed the comfort of relying on the titan that is Gianluigi Buffon, that’s hardly fair. Regardless, three of the top five wonderkid goalkeepers hail from the Bel Paese; Donnarumma, Plizzari, and Gasparini. Of the three Italians, the latter looks to be the best buy. Still a nipper at 16, Gasparini has the most potential improvement to make over the course of his career.

FM 19 wonderkids defenders

FM 19 wonderkids – defenders

 Name Age Current Ability Potential ability Club Country
 1. Matthijs de Ligt 18 138 186 Ajax Netherlands
2. Dayot Upamecano 19 135 172 Leipzig France
3. Trent Alexander-Arnold 19 146 170 Liverpool England
 4. Juan Miranda 18 117 169 Barcelona Spain
 5. Alessandro Bastoni 19 116 168 Parma Italy
6. Luca Pellegrini 19 116 165 Roma Italy
 7. Alex Centelles 18 105 165 Valencia Spain
 8. Diogo Dalot 19 124 164 Man Utd Portugal
 9. Declan Rice 19 134 162 West Ham Ireland
 10. Gabriele Corbo 18 100 160 Bologna Italy

When it comes to FM 19’s best young defenders, none of the top ten start with a current ability below 100, so you might have to pay a tidy sum for these heavy wonderkid hitters. That said, they will all be well worth the investment if you chairman has the wallet to take the hit.

Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt tops this list with a potential ability score of 186, but Bologna’s Gabriele Corbo and Valencia’s Alex Centelles share the largest gap between current and potential ability of 60 points. Both will be easier to claim than some of the other defenders on the above list, but all of these players will shore up your back line for many seasons to some.

FM 19 wonderkids midfielders

FM 19 wonderkids – midfielders

Name Age Current ability Potential ability Club Country
 1. Kylian Mbappe 19 173 196 PSG France
 2. Rodrygo 17 130 185  Santos Brazil
 3. Vinicious Junior 17 133 179 Real Madrid Brazil
4. Antonio Marin 17 109 179 Dinamo Zagreb Croatia
 5. Kai Havertz 19 140 176  Bayer Leverkusen Germany
6. Jadon Sancho 18 137 175 Borussia Dortmund England
7. Phil Foden 18 130 175 Man City England
8. Claudio Gomes 17 100 175 Man City France
9. Joao Felix 18 128 172 Benfica Portugal
10. Ryan Gravenberch 16 103 171 Ajax Netherlands

Unless your chairman has a spare £70 million burning a hole in his back pocket you might not be putting an offer in for the young French starlet at the summit of the wonderkid midfielders top ten. If you do Kylian Mbappe will strike fear into opposition back lines for season after season.

But you might be better off looking a little further down. Take Dinamo Zagreb’s Antonio Marin, for example. With a substantial 70 potential points to gain over his promising career, the 17-year-old Croat is a solid choice. For the same reason you shouldn’t overlook Gomes and Gravenberch in eighth and ninth positions, respectively.

FM 19 wonderkids attackers

FM 19 wonderkids – attackers

Name  Age Current ability Potential ability Club Country
1. Kylian Mbappe 19 173 196 PSG France
 2. Rodrygo 17 130 185 Santos Brazil
 3. Pietro Pellegri 17 114 183 Monaco Italy
 4. Juan Hernandez 19 125 177 Huesca Colombia
 5. Fabio Silva 15 80 174 Porto Portugal
6. Amine Gouiri 18 108 172 Lyon France
7. Moise Kean 18 120 171 Juventus Italy
 8. Abel Ruiz 18 107 169 Barcelona Spain
 9. Eddy Salcedo 16 92 168 Inter Milan Italy
10. Ben Woodburn 18 126 168 Sheffield Utd Wales

Refusing to be tied to one position – or top ten table, for that matter – Mbappe tops our list of wonderkid attackers, too. As ever, only the most-moneyed of teams will be approaching this forward and winger. Eddy Salcedo is a good option with a sub-100 current ability and an awful lot of potential. Enough that will catapult this 16-year-old attacking midfielder up there with the best of them.