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The best FM24 bargains

These are the Football Manager 2024 bargains you need to pick up no matter who you're managing, to develop into stars or flip for a profit.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: The in-game match engine.

Who are the best Football Manager 2024 bargains? The term ‘bargain’ is fairly subjective within the context of this sport. While teams such as PSG and Manchester City may consider forking out $50m for some of the best wonderkids in the game a bargain, that’s not quite feasible for almost every other club. So who are actual FM24 bargains, players that you won’t believe are so cheap?

Of course, these won’t be the best players in the world, they wouldn’t be going for such a low price if they were. However, they are the key players to go for in Football Manager 24 if you can’t afford the very best footballers. Rather than overload you with a lot of different choices and leave you to figure out which players are worth your time, we’ve cherry-picked the best of the bunch for you to fit into your best FM24 tactics and formations.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Tim Ronning

FM24 bargains list

Here are all of our picks for the best Football Manager 2024 bargains:

Tim Ronning

  • Position: GK
  • Club: IF Elfsborg
  • Asking price: $40k-$375k
  • Wages: $2.1k

Starting with arguably the most important player on the pitch, the goalkeeper, Tim Ronning is very reasonably priced to say he’s the first-choice keeper for a top division club. Sure, that club may be IF Elfsborg in the Swedish Premier Division, but they are one of the best teams in the league, and Ronning is undoubtedly good enough to play for a club in one of the top five leagues in Europe. Perhaps most impressively, he has 20 Jumping Reach and 17 Aerial Reach, while being 201cm tall.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Alessandro Plizzari

Alessandro Plizzari

  • Position: GK
  • Club: Pescara
  • Asking price: $160k-$1.6m
  • Wages: $10.75k

If Ronning doesn’t fit the bill, slightly more expensive but still very worthwhile is Alessandro Plizzari. He’s playing for Pescara in the Italian Serie C league, which you may not think is worth your time due to it being the third tier, but Plizzari is capable of much more. A former AC Milan youth product, he has 15 in Reflexes, One On Ones, and Jumping Reach, and 14 in Aerial Reach and Communication.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Valentin Gendrey

Valentin Gendrey

  • Position: D (R)
  • Club: Salento
  • Asking price: $650k-$11.5m
  • Wages: $2.5k

If you need a right wing back, Valentin Gendrey is your man. He’s not the cheapest on this list, but as he’s currently on just $2.5k per week, he won’t command too much of your wage bill. He has 14 Crossing, First Touch, and Tackling, along with 13 Passing and Technique. Plus, he’s only 23 so still has quite a bit of growing to do.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Nicolas Diaz

Nicolas Diaz

  • Position: D (LC)
  • Club: Tijuana
  • Asking price: $375k-$3.8m
  • Wages: $8.5k

South American players are famous in Football Manager for being available for cheap with high potential, and while 24-year-old Nicolas Diaz is a little past being called a wonderkid, he’s a very solid center back with 14 Marking, Tackling, and Positioning, so he’ll rarely lose track of the opposing striker. Even if he does, he has 15 Work Rate, 14 Acceleration, and 13 Pace to catch them.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Aihen Munoz

Aihen Munoz

  • Position: D/WB (L)
  • Club: Real San Sebastian
  • Asking price: $250k-$2.5m
  • Wages: $14.5k

Aihen Munoz is on a hefty wage, but if you can afford it, you’re getting a solid left wing back for no more than $2.5m. His 16 Work Rate and 15 Tackling mean he’s also able to play as a standard full back – handy for anyone trying out the new inverted full back role – but he also has reasonably impressive Dribbling, Technique, Acceleration, Pace, and Stamina for bombing up and down the wing.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Alvaro Sanz

Alvaro Sanz

  • Position: D/WB (R), DM, M (RC)
  • Club: Mirandes
  • Asking price: $800k-$8.8m
  • Wages: $4.2k

What Alvaro Sanz lacks in technical attributes, he makes up for in his 16 Aggression and Teamwork, 15 Work Rate, plus 14 Bravery and Determination. Put simply, he will win the ball back and lay it off to an attacker or marauding defender time and time again.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Alejandro Zendejas

Alejandro Zendejas

  • Position: M (LC), AM (RL)
  • Club: CF America
  • Asking price: $75k-$750k
  • Wages: $1.2k

Alejandro Zendejas can play in a plethora of positions on the pitch, but he excels right in the middle of the park thanks to his 15 Dribbling, Passing, Decisions, and Vision. This guy can thread passes through to your wingers and strikers like there’s no tomorrow, and for less than $1m, you can’t go wrong.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Aleix Febas

Aleix Febas

  • Position: DM, M/AM (C)
  • Club: Elche
  • Asking price: $275k-$2.7m
  • Wages: $4.6k

Aleix Febas can play in any of the central midfield positions, defensive through attacking, but much like Zendejas, he’s best in the center of the pitch. However, he’s much more aggressive and defensively inclined – despite his 16 Flair – thanks to his 14 Aggression, Bravery, Composure, Work Rate, and Stamina.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Pione Sisto

Pione Sisto

  • Position: M/AM (RL)
  • Club: Alanyaspor
  • Asking price: $240k-$6.8m
  • Wages: $10.75k

While Pione Sisto is one of the older players on this list, he’s excellent on the right-hand side of the pitch. He has 16 Technique, 15 First Touch, and 14 Crossing, Dribbling, and Long Shots, which means he can stick balls onto the head of your striker with ease. Alternatively, he has a fairly strong weak foot, and thanks to his traits that mean he can shoot from a distance and curl the ball, he’s solid as an inside forward too.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Luca De La Torre

Luca De La Torre

  • Position: M (LC), AM (RLC)
  • Club: Vigo
  • Asking price: $12m-$15m
  • Wages: $4.8k

By far the most expensive player on this list, trust us when we say Luca De La Torre is still a bargain for those who can afford him. Equally as good in the middle of the park or on the left wing, his 16 Off The Ball and Work Rate, combined with 15 Technique and 14 Passing mean he’s best in a support role as he’ll become an assist machine.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Kanya Fujimoto

Kanya Fujimoto

  • Position: M (C), AM (RC)
  • Club: Gil Vicente
  • Asking price: $2.5m-$5.2m
  • Wages: $2.6k

Kanya Fujimoto is a player who excels at exactly what he needs to do, get past defenders on the wing and lay the ball off or whip it into the box, but struggles to do much in front of goal or when defending. As long as you don’t need a jack-of-all-trades player, this is your man, with his 16 Technique, 15 Crossing, First Touch, and Passing, and 14 Corners and Dribbling.

Football Manager 2024 bargains: Cristo


  • Position: AM (LC), ST (C)
  • Club: Arouca
  • Asking price: $250k-$2.6m
  • Wages: $2.6k

Finally, we have Cristo, the only out-and-out striker on this list. Funnily enough, his Finishing isn’t all that impressive, but that’s because he’s capable of getting himself into clinical striker positions in the box. 17 Natural Fitness and 16 Agility means he will not stop running, plus 16 Flair with 15 Dribbling and Technique allow him to dance past defenders.

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