For Honor’s latest update makes revenge less sweet


The latest update to Ubisoft’s For Honor, Update 1.09, lands on PC on July 13. It’s bringing several changes to both Orders and Revenge with it. Alongside several other quality of life improvements players will find that Revenge is being nerfed and Orders getting a type of facelift. 

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The way you actually earn Revenge going forward will change, where you’ll earn less during 1vX scenarios going forward, so you won’t have the ability to spam your Revenge build-up in the future. The Revenge State in totality is being affected as well during the Season Three Update and Ubisoft is currently working on the crowd control mechanics of it all.

Orders is being rebalanced, offering better rewards and simpler objectives so you can stack them and complete multiple Orders at the same time. You’ll also be able to play other game modes to complete them rather than having to play the same ones over and over.

The full list of changes rolling out with Update 1.09 were ran down during the developers’ weekly livestream.