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The Shugoki is a huge samurai with a club - three new For Honor heroes revealed

For Honor's Shugoki

Three new heroes and a new game mode for Ubisoft’s forthcoming brawler For Honor have been revealed in a video on their YouTube channel. The heroes are the hulking Shugoki, the stalwart Warlord, and the nimble Peacekeeper, while Elimination mode disables auto-respawns.

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The new heroes are also discussed on the Ubisoft blog;the Shugoki is a heavy-hitting Samurai who boasts a bigger health pool than any other hero, a huge spiked club, and a badass scary mask with tusks. He’s also very hard to stagger, meaning his attacks will connect most of the time (in Dark Souls parlance, he has high poise).

Representing the Vikings is the hulking Warlord, a defensive hero who holds ground with a heavy shield. Last is the Peacekeeper, an agile and cunning knight who stabs enemies with a dagger, inflicting bleeding (that is, damage over time) before darting out of the fray. The video shows off their abilities and a few vicious melee execution animations, so enjoy.

Also discussed is a new game mode: Elimination, in which respawns are disabled, so you’ll rely on your teammates for revival. Potent power-ups are also present, and will presumably help a losing team make big plays to get back on top.

Though the focus of For Honor so far has been its multiplayer brawling, it will also have a single-player campaign. It’s due for release on February 14 this year, though if you’re considering it as a Valentine’s Day gift, that might say more than you mean about your relationship.