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Meet For Honor’s factions in three brutal new gameplay trailers

For Honor

If you’re looking forward to some Vikings vs knights vs samurai sword battles in For Honor, you might want to check out this new batch of trailers showing each faction off. Who are you going to war as? 

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Ubisoft have just released three trailers, each one highlighting one of For Honor’s factions, displaying their strengths in an introductory video filled with stabby death.

First up are the Kensei, For Honor’s samurai warriors. These battle in medium armour and wield a katana, giving them a range advantage against many opponents. Check out the faction’s swift sidesteps and lighting-fast sword swipes in the video below:

Next up it’s the Wardens, For Honor’s take on the noble knight. These duty-bound warriors rock up in chain and plate to drive a longsword right into your chest cavity. Watch them do that in the new video:

Lastly, For Honor’s Raiders rock up to fights with no armour, as they believe their deaths are pre-destined. This belief makes these Viking warriors deadly, so they fight with a brutality not seen in the other classes, using a two-handed axe and brute strength to plough enemies into environmental hazards. Here’s their trailer:

If that’s not enough For Honor for you, there was a big gameplay presentation at PAX, which showed off a huge multiplayer battle for 50 minutes. It’s looking rather good, I must say. You can watch that below: