For Honor’s next patch aims to make fights less defensive

For Honor Day 1 patch bring a bunch of fixes to networking issues

For Honor is a game about careful timing, but many of the best players will wait for their opponent to swing first. Counter-attacking currently dominates fights, and it can lead to dull stalemates with two opponents circling each other, waiting until the other loses patience and swings first. The next patch aims to shake things up. 

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The changes are heading to the PTR to make sure there’s nothing game-breaking in there, but they’ll be releasing for everyone else soon after. The patch will contain adjustments to guard break, parry, stamina, chip damage, and Revenge, via PvP Live.

For parries, you’re no longer guaranteed a guard break, and your defense will be completely opened up if you parry too soon, adding more risk to the powerful technique. The changes will also make light attacks safer, since they can’t be feinted like heavy attacks.

Elsewhere, stamina regeneration on blocks and dodges is now paused, which means players need to drop their guard to recover. Additionally, you’ll be even more vulnerable when out of stamina completely – you won’t be able to parry, and you’ll be more open to guard breaks when dodging. Essentially, you’ll need to be more mindful of stamina management.

If you constantly block, chip damage has also been increased to 18%. You’ll only be able to stall your opponent for so long, and players on the offensive will be able to chip away at turtling opponents. Revenge is also getting a boost and won’t be interrupted by melee attacks anymore. Once activated, you’ll be free to fly into a rage, too, since you can no longer be parried in this state, either.

It all sounds like it will add up to make fights more exciting, so hopefully it all works out in the PTR tests.