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Here’s how to access the For Honor ranked and tournament beta


For Honor is getting ranked play starting June 29. The beta will introduce 1v1 Duel Tournaments, with more modes coming soon. For now, only PC players will have access to ranked play, and only on the Public Test Server.

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The method for getting to the Public Test Server in For Honor depends on whether you’re using Steam or Uplay. Additionally, to enter the PTR, you’ll have to have played For Honor before June 22 at least once.

To access the For Honor Public Test Server on Uplay you must do the following:

1. Log into Uplay and head to the games tab.

2. If you qualify to play, you’ll see “For Honor – Public Test.”

3. Download and install any files through that menu entry and launch the game from there to play the ranked Tournament beta.

If you want to log onto the For Honor Public Test Server on Steam you have to follow these directions:

1. Log into Steam and head to your library.

2. If you qualify for the beta, you’ll see “For Honor – Public Test” in your list of games.

3. Install the Public Test and launch from that game entry to play in the ranked Tournament beta.

Although the For Honor ranked beta isn’t available until tomorrow, you can preload now. Once you access the Public Test Server, you’ll need to play 20 placement matches before you start ranked play. Once those are done, you’ll be ranked in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond tier. Each tier is also split into five ranks so that you can start at Bronze I, but you’ll have to work up to Bronze V to graduate into the Silver tier.

Tournaments are a bit different than ranked matches in that you start with a qualifier round then brackets are formed. Once brackets are formed, you face off against opponents until a winner is crowned.

If you want to try For Honor’s ranked, and tournament matches you better get in fast. The Public Test Server is only available from June 29 to July 4.