For Honor’s first major tournament won via exploits and bugs

Nvidia For Honor

As part of the For Honor season three release, Ubisoft hosted a livestreamed tournament over the weekend to celebrate the next round of changes coming to their class-based brawler. Unfortunately, rather than showing off all the new stuff coming to For Honor, the tournament was dominated by bugs, glitches, and a troubling metagame.

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Some of these faults were highlighted in a Reddit thread. The first concerns the state of hero Raider. Raider has a move called Stampede Charge, which allows him to pick up his opponent and charge them across the arena, potentially slamming them into walls or throwing them to the floor at the end of the charge. Unfortunately, there’s minimal counterplay, and a full charge depletes all of your stamina if you’re on the receiving end. This means that it can very easily be spammed, as happened repeatedly throughout the tournament.

In another match, the outcome was eventually decided by a bug. Towards the end of the battle between players Oscar and Sypher, Sypher goes in for a grapple which could have won him the game, but Oscar manages to repel it. This happens on very slightly inclined terrain, meaning that Sypher fell over as a result of the aforementioned bug, basically handing Oscar the win.

The worst offence, however, came in the PC final, where the tournament’s eventual winner used a known exploit. ‘Unlock Tech’ allows you to change the properties of certain moves if used at the right times, so blocks can be bypassed and attacks swing faster, for example.

Presenting the PC trophy to Alernakin For Honor’s creative director Roman Oriola quipped “you may have to change your play style soon,” suggesting that changes to exploits like Unlock Tech will likely be coming in the season three bug fixes.