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This week’s free Epic Store game is live

Your weekly free game PSA has arrived

April 23, 2020 For the King is now live – for free – on the Epic Games Store.

Another week, another set of free PC games from the Epic Store. After a lengthy string of multi-game giveaways, Epic’s got just a single title to give out this week, and while there have certainly been last-minute additions to the line-up before, that’s not the case this week. Regardless, we’ve got a good one coming with strategy RPG For the King.

For the King brings JRPG-style combat into a roguelike structure, where you’re out to avenge your murdered king through a series of procedural quests and maps. You can control your entire custom party in solo play, but you can also split those duties with another player, either locally or online.

The new giveaway is now live on the Epic Games Store, and will last until 8:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST on April 30. As always, you’ll ‘purchase’ the game at a zero-dollar price tag, and it’ll remain in your library forever.

Next week’s freebies include modern horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent and action-RPG Crashlands.

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There are also free Steam games to pick up, if you’re picky about your free stuff.