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Armored Core 6 meets Fallout in gorgeous, upcoming mech shooter

Blending Armored Core 6's mechs with the brutal, dystopian survival mechanics of Fallout, a stunning new shooter is on its way to Steam.

A survivor and mecha in The Forever Winter.

Mechs seem to be everywhere right now. Armored Core 6 was a smash hit, and succeeded in bringing the series back from extinction. Titanfall 2 had its servers fixed and is playable again, and the upcoming Mecha Break looks to bring robot-driven PvP to the mainstream. As part of this resurgence, The Forever Winter aims for a different, more horrific angle – rather than the power fantasy of piloting the mecha yourself, you’re left to survive in a wasteland populated by ‘bots that won’t hesitate to rip you apart. This is AC6 meets the brutal, survivalistic world of Fallout.

The Forever Winter is a PvE looter shooter survival game that places you in the shoes of a vulnerable survivor, equipped with just your wits – and a few firearms – to defend yourself against the mechanical monsters out for your blood. Similar to the scariest moments while playing as a pilot in the Titanfall series, The Forever Winter places emphasis on the feeling of being dwarfed by the absolutely massive behemoths of blood and metal towering over you on the battlefield.

The subversion of the standard mecha power fantasy goes even further, as the battle that you’d usually be a part of is going on directly overhead – two warring factions are embroiled in a global conflict, casting you as nothing more than possible collateral damage. The game’s Steam page also mentions a ‘dynamic encounter system’, stating that the enemies’ AI is smart enough to act in coordinated groups against their opponents and, if you’re unlucky enough to be in their path, you.

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It’s not all bleak, though. The game can be played solo or as a group through online co-op, letting you bring your friends into the desolate hellscape to be disintegrated by a mecha’s railgun. Fun for the whole family!

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