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Doom and BioShock combine for brutal new FPS with free Steam download

The brutal run-and-gun gameplay of Doom meets the murky horror of BioShock and a bit of Dishonored in Forgive Me Father 2, a new FPS with a free Steam download.

Forgive Me Father 2 Steam download: Zombies in FPS game boomer shooter Forgive Me Father 2

Doom will always be the high watermark when it comes to PC shooters. Fast, furious, and with every aspect of its gameplay channeled towards pure thrills, it’s still the model for all modern boomer shooters – as the ‘90s and early ‘00s style of FPS makes a comeback, the spirit of Doom stays strong. You blend that with the eerie body horror of BioShock, and the Lovecraftian, quasi-grimdark aesthetic of Dishonored, and you get Forgive Me Father 2, a superb-looking new shooter that you can try right now thanks to a free Steam download.

PCGamesN spoke exclusively with the creators of Forgive Me Father 2 at this year’s Gamescom, and had the chance to see first-hand how the FPS game sequel is using Unreal Engine 5 to enhance, boost, and reinvent all the best components of its predecessor. Now, ahead of its Thursday, October 19 release date, you can try out Forgive Me Father 2 for yourself. From BioShock to Doom, Dishonored to Call of Cthullu, if you long for more gruesome, spooky, and visually striking first-person shooters, the best the genre has to offer come together here.

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Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, you reprise the role of the Priest from the original Forgive Me Father, who has been consigned to a sanatorium following the events of the first game. You can customize your arsenal (Forgive Me Father 2 has an excellent line in old-timey guns, particularly the shotgun) and use the ever-swelling ‘madness meter’ to launch powerful attacks and abilities.

The greatest strength of Forgive Me Father 2, however, is its visual style. Chunky, colorful, and hand-drawn, the enemy designs are imaginative and distinctive, and the classic, quickfire, circle-strafe gameplay delivers gorgeous bright-red gore en masse. It sounds great, it looks great – among all the recent boomer shooters, like Dusk, Phantom Fury, and Cultic, Forgive Me Father 2’s vivid look stands out. The full launch isn’t far away, but you can try Forgive Me Father 2 right now for free. Oh, and make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Forgive Me Father 2’s creators.

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