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14 Days of Fortnite Day 8 challenge and reward leaked

14 Days of Fortnite Day 8

Fortnite is currently throwing out daily challenges as part of its 14 Days of Fortnite event, with each challenge providing a new bit of Christmas-themed loot. According to Dexerto, data miners have uncovered the challenge for day 8 – December 26 – and it’s a real easy one to bag.

Today’s challenge simply requires you to thank the bus driver eight times. That’s a very simple task to complete, since the only time you can thank the bus driver is before you leap, and thus before the headshot madness begins. There is nothing to get in the way; simply play eight matches of Fortnite and thank the bus driver at the start of every game.

In recognition of a player’s efforts in politeness and courtesy, this challenge reportedly rewards the ‘Take the Elf’ emote. As you may have already guessed from the name, this is a spin on the ‘Take the L’ dance, although your character will wave a little elf doll rather than form the L sign with their hand.

You can check out a video of the new emote below, thanks to a tweet from ShiinaBR.

Today’s challenge is expected to go live at the regular time of 2pm GMT / 6am PT / 9am ET. You can check out all of the leaked upcoming challenges in our complete 14 Days of Fortnite guide. Our past experience with data miners has shown that, with a few exceptions, these leaks are usually pretty accurate. However, not every miner digs up the right goods, so do be prepared for Epic to serve something different today.

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