Fortnite X Batman leaks reveal a glider, Gotham City map, and an explosive ‘Batarang’

Dataminers have unveiled Batman goodies heading to the game


If you’re a fan of both Fortnite and Batman, it looks like an incoming crossover is the one for you. Fortnite dataminers have unloaded news and images of a stream of new locations, items, and other goodies heading to the game along with the new v10.31 patch – all themed in honour of the Dark Knight himself.

Multiple data miners and Fortnite news leaks channels have been unveiling the goods on Twitter – and there are a lot. User Fortnite Leaks and Info has shared a new map of Gotham City which includes the iconic Bat-Signal spotlight beaming into the sky. Based on shots of the buildings included, some users are questioning whether it’ll replace Tilted Town on the map.

Other leaks include a cool new homing weapon, an ‘Explosive Batarang’ – which looks pretty lethal and can also stick to walls, detonating if other players are nearby – plus a ‘Batman Grapnel Gun,’ which user Hypex has shared images of. This lets you “pull yourself towards a target location and then deploy the Bat Cape!” There’s no sign of the cape in leaks just yet but hopefully it’ll be like the “new ‘DC’ Rarity and Bat Glider” in the game, which flutters and soars Batman-style just as you’d hope.

Other goodies you can get a look at right now include the Batman loading screen plus some new challenges titled ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ posted by Lucas7Yoshi,


While the v10.31 Fortnite patch goes live today, there’s no mention of the Batman content in the patch notes released so far. It could come later in a separate post or perhaps go live tomorrow, as Fortnite Insider suggests with the patch notes post.

Batman Day is September 21, so the Fortnite X Batman crossover is arriving just in time to celebrate.