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Fortnite challenge: how to Boogie Before Oblivion

Here's how to complete the XP Xtravaganza week 4 challenge


Need to know how to complete the Fortnite Boogie Before Oblivion challenge? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With new challenges being released weekly it’s important you get them done in a timely manner to make sure you can get as much XP as possible. The challenge is relatively easy to complete, but you do need to know the correct place to land in order to boogie efficiently.

If you thought the Boogie Before Oblivion challenge would see you dancing your way to victory while using a Boogie Bomb or in front of a powerful enemy, you were sadly mistaken. The real challenge is a little more mundane, but still sees you doing a happy dance before you get on with other, more complicated challenges.

With the Marvel-themed season in full swing, make sure you check out our Fortnite Season 4 bosses guide to find all the villains making their way to the battle royale game. Now, without further delay, here is everything you need to know about completing the Boogie Before Oblivion challenge.

How to Boogie Before Oblivion in Fortnite

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Make your way to, or land atop, Fancy View on the left side of the island, just west of Sweat Sands. Head up to the roof and look out towards the glistening sea. You will see an outline of Galactus beginning to appear on the horizon. Once you have got yourself in place staring out at the villain, perform any emote and tada! The challenge is complete.