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How to destroy chrome objects in Fortnite and collect Anomalies

You’ll need to destroy chrome objects in Fortnite and collect Anomalies as part of theFortnite Paradise quests, so here’s everything you need to know about how

Chrome Fortnite tree: Destroy chrome objects and collect anomalies

Fortnite chrome objects are taking over with the new season, and you’ll need to destroy some in order to carry out Jonesy’s Paradise quests and help Paradigm save the island. As we know from the new season’s cinematic trailer, chrome is taking over anything and anyone on the map for this battle royale game – and is something to do with a mysterious villain we first caught a glimpse of last season.

The quest to destroy chrome objects in Fortnite isn’t immediately available, and you’ll need to help Jonesy with some other tasks first, as the long and storied lore continues. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s chrome objects and how to collect Anomalies.

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How to destroy chrome objects and collect Chrome Anomalies

This quest is actually about as simple as it sounds, and is made even easier by the new Fortnite Chrome Splash item. Between every one or two quests, you’ll have to “await further orders”, which simply stops you completing too many challenges per match.

Once you have completed the first few Paradise quests, including evolving an EvoChrome weapon and destroying vehicles for electronic parts, you’ll be asked to destroy chrome objects and collect five Chrome Anomalies. All you need to do is knock down anything chrome, which will have a chance of dropping a Chrome Anomaly. From what we can tell so far, you are best off destroying large objects like walls and trees.

If you can’t find any Chrome buildings, trees or other structures, you can use Chrome Splash to give any nearby objects the Chrome effect, and these also have a chance of dropping the Anomalies, but they only drop when this quest is active.

Once you have collected the Anomalies, you’ll have to wait until you drop into another new match in order to continue. At this point, you’ll be asked to deliver the Anomalies to any “research lab”, which are located east of Tilted Towers, east of Herald’s Sanctum, and at Synapse Station.

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Now you know where to find these Fortnite Anomalies by destroying chrome objects, you can continue on with your Paradise quests. Among the other new content in Season 4, you can collect Fortnite keys to unlock vaults and score some top tier loot.