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Fortnite is bringing Coachella into your home

Fortnite is no stranger to partying so it makes sense that Coachella would be teaming up with them to bring the party into the game

Four Fortnite concertgoers take selfies and cheer in the Coachella crossover event

Fortnite is back at it again with another new musical crossover, but this time with an entire festival. That’s right, Fortnite is going to be bringing the majesty of Coachella into the game with a few new skins and a bunch of music. It’s the perfect vibe for the festival, which has always been just as much about style as it is sound.

The music will be in the game via the Icon Radio station and will have songs from over 30 different artists to listen to. Granted, you’ll probably not get to hear many of them if you’re only playing in the battle royale modes, but it’s always nice to have some new music to vibe to.

The skins are the stars of the show here though. As of the 14th, both the Wilder and the Lyric outfits are available to buy. Each of these has their own collection of accessories along with alternate styles too. Then on the 21st, Alto and Poet will be in the shop, along with their accessories too.

The coolest thing about all of these items is that they react to music in the game. That means you’ll get to see your outfit dancing along in its own way to whatever music you come across. It’s a great touch that adds a bit of extra flair to all of these skins and items, and it’s sure to make them popular for a while to come.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not these skins can make their mark alongside the rest of the Chapter 3 Season 2 ones. We’ve had a lot of cool choices so far, but it’s always nice to have a few more. Outside of just looking good, you should definitely check out this tower defence map when you get a chance.