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Fortnite skins: the best outfits, gliders, and emotes to spend your V-Bucks on

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What is the point in getting a Victory Royale if you don’t look equal parts ridiculous and fabulous for the showboating finale. This is exactly why there are heaps of Fortnite skins, gliders, and emotes to help you stand out from the rabble. But what are the best Fortnite skins? That may well be a matter of opinion, but as the Fortnite skins store only offers a small selection of skins at any given time, it helps to know which ones are worth snapping up when they come back into rotation.

As Epic have said they will not be bringing back Battle Pass reward Fortnite skins from previous seasons, you will not find the beloved Black Knight in the following list. However, seasonal Fortnite skins have been brought back on occasion, so we have listed a couple of our favourites in case they see a return.

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Cosmetics extend far beyond Fortnite skins, so at the bottom of this page you will also find a selection of the best Fortnite gliders and emotes to keep an eye out for in the store. Anyway, on with the show - here are the best Fortnite skins, gliders, and emotes.

Fortnite Skins


fortnite skins venturion

You won’t find many Fortnite skins that embrace the superhero theme of Season 4 as fully as the Venturion epic skin. Ripped straight from the pages of a pulp sci-fi comic book, Venturion is retrofuturistic, stylish, and refreshingly neutral in tone. While we prefer our Fortnite skins with back bling, you can at least add the Airfoil harvesting tool and Triumph glider to complete this outfit.


fortnite skins raven

Raven is one of the darkest Fortnite skins ever released, which is fitting seeing as it belongs to the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired Nevermore set. The belted vest, feathers, talons, and glowing purple eyes make for an ensemble that is equal parts fierce and fabulous. All that black should help you hide in the shadows, too.


fortnite skins wukong

By far one of the most inventive Fortnite skins around, Wukong is a battle royale interpretation of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King god figure of Chinese mythology. Imposing and fantastical, with plenty of gold trim to spare, this legendary Fortnite skin is dripping with lavish details.

Brite Bomber

fortnite skins brite bomber

Naturally, most of the best Fortnite skins are legendary tier, which makes them incredibly expensive purchases. Brite Bomber is a colourful and bright Fortnite skin that you can buy for roughly half the price of a legendary skin. Better still, you can add to the Brite Bomber Fortnite skin over time by keeping an eye out for other items from the Sunshine and Rainbows Set: the Rainbow Smash harvesting tool is a thing of gaudy beauty.


fortnite skins red knight

Dinosaurs are great, we all agree on that, right? This Fortnite Rex skin might not be particularly convincing when it comes to pretending you are a monster from the Mesozoic era, but it is exceedingly cute. Legendary Fortnite skins are especially popular because they come with additional items, in this case some Back Bling in the form of a dino backpack that you can equip to other Fortnite skins as you see fit. Rex is also relatively useful for camouflage in grassy areas, which can make the difference in select scenarios.

Funk Ops

fortnite skins funk ops

Fortnite outfits like this might not be great for sneaking around, but it is great for dancing on the graves of your enemies. With its mix of glam, funk, and glitter, this epic Fortnite skin is made for showboaters. If you want to complete the look then the Disco Brawl harvesting tool goes perfectly with this skin.


fortnite skins raptor

Where most Fortnite skins excel in making the wearer stand out, Raptor is a surprisingly normal-looking legendary. That’s not a slight - in a game where you are just as likely to be killed by a gingerbread man or someone in a spacesuit, it is refreshing to head into battle looking like you belong there with radio equipment and military garb. Raptor also comes with a satchel as Back Bling, which is great for spicing up otherwise bland rare Fortnite skins.

Skull Trooper

fortnite skins skull trooper

Hopefully, this epic Halloween Fortnite skin will come back into rotation again to give new Fortnite players the opportunity to buy this classic Fortnite outfit. The black-and-white colour scheme is relatively good as camouflage, but the main reason you will want to cop the Skull Trooper Fortnite skin is so you can go around spooking enemies - a fitting outfit for griefing other players. 

Fortnite gliders

Deep Space Lander

Fortnite gliders deep space lander

Fortnite gliders seem to get more interesting with each new release, and the design for Deep Space Lander is among the best yet. Deep Space Lander looks great as a shell, but also comes with sound effects, glowing thrusters, and a kickflip opening animation, which are the kind of details you would expect from a legendary cosmetic rather than an epic.

Royale Dragon

fortnite gliders royale dragon

Most Fortnite gliders share the same shape, but Royale Dragon, a legendary glider that will set you back a lot of V-Bucks, is absolutely unmistakable when seen descending over Tilted Towers. Impressive and aggressive, this is a great glider for deterring players from your landing spot.

Gum Drop

fortnite gliders gum drop

There are a few Fortnite gliders that would suit Funk Ops, including Prismatic and Get Down, but for our money Gum Drop is the only one that matches the skin for garishness.

Jolly Roger

fortnite gliders jolly roger

Fortnite gliders do not have to be colourful and animated to impress. The Jolly Roger - much like it would have back in the days of pirates - is a great way of warding other players off your drop zone so you can hoard loot until your heart’s content.

Fortnite emotes

Slow Clap

There can be no better way of rubbing salt into the wounds of an opponent you just bested than with this Fortnite emote. That goes double if they made a massive mistake mid-battle, such as falling from their own build, or getting trapped with their own grenade.


Yep, this Fortnite emote is the Carlton dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If it’s good enough for Tom Jones then it’s good enough for a Victory Royale or successful clutch.

Electro Shuffle

A Fortnite emote for when you don’t want to obnoxiously parade in front of a downed enemy, the Electro Shuffle is just a joyous dance fit for any occasion.

Take the L

Straight out of the recent It remake, this Fortnite emote is equal parts horrifying and mocking - ideal, then, for trolling knocked-out enemies. Drop this mid-fight and come away the winner for added flair.

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The DJ avatar
The DJ Avatar
1 Month ago

Don't listen to me because these are just all in opinion.


Venturion isn't good.

Skull Troopers: Ugly (i know it's Halloween but for cosmetic reason, they could be better)


Deep Space Lander and Dragon: big and loud.

Gum Drop: plain and not very nice to look at


Electro Shuffle is awesome, but the Ballerina thing in the middle of it ruins it for me.

Take the L was cool until you get Best Mates. And now that season 4 came out, Orange Justice and Hype are out, they are way more cool.