Drake will rap about Fortnite if a Hotline Bling emote makes it into the game

Drake Fortnite

Drake says he’ll include Fortnite in the lyrics of his next album, but only if Epic Games introduce a Hotline Bling emote. The rapper made the comment in a late-night stream with Ninja last night.

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In a clip posted to Reddit, Ninja, who streamed with Drake for the first time last month, said that Drake should “put some Fortnite lingo in the album,” to which Drake replied that “it has to happen, it’s just gotta be the right way. Someone’s gonna pull it off.”

Drake will put Fortnite in his lyrics if EPIC puts the hotline bling emote. DO IT EPIC! from r/FortNiteBR

He went on to say that “when Epic gives me the emote, the Hotline Bling emote, then I’ll do it, but til’ then I’m on strike.” Drake also suggested a few other emotes that Epic should introduce, saying “they need to make all the super-relevant [dances].” Later in the stream, Drake bet Ninja a $5,000 donation if the streamer could win his next game.

The pair broke a Twitch record last month, reaching more than 600,000 concurrent viewers during their stream – the highest total for a non-esports event. Drake recently said that he was working on a new album dedicated to his home city of Toronto, but as yet there’s no solid release date.