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Fortnite update: the Light Machine Gun comes to Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the biggest games on the planet, with a player base of nearly 50 million, and hundreds of years of livestreams taking place each week. Developer Epic Games are keeping their game fresh with regular new content, so we to help you keep on top of things, here's our Fortnite update tracker for Battle Royale.

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Fortnite update V3.5: Light Machine Gun

fortnite update v3.5 light machine gun

The latest Fortnite update adds the new Light Machine Gun weapon to Battle Royale mode. With a 100-round box magazine and an extremely high rate of fire, the Light Machine Gun is ideal for pinning enemies back. Elsewhere in the Fortnite update, the long-awaited launch of the 50v50 V2 Limited Time Event has finally arrived.

Fortnite Update V3.5: Port-a-Forts

Fortnite Port-a-Fort

A fresh Fortnite update has arrived, bringing the new base-building Port-a-Forts to Battle Royale. The base-building grenade will immediately spring up a three-tier tower. The update also adds a new replay system.

Fortnite Update V3.4: Vending Machines

Fortnite vending machines

The latest Fortnite update brings vending machines to Battle Royale, allowing you to swap materials for weapons, traps, and potions. The update also heralded the arrival of the limited time High Explosives mode.

Fortnite Update V3.4: Guided Missile

Fortnite guided missile

Fortnite update v3.4 goes live today, introducing the guided missile to Fortnite Battle Royale. Update v3.4 will also change the rarities of the Pump and Tactical shotguns, meaning blue Pumps and common Tacs will be introduced to the game.

Fortnite Update V3.3: Heavy Shotgun

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun

A new weapon is live in Fortnite Battle Royale right now. The Heavy Shotgun has the spread of a Tactical Shotgun but lots more range, so you can blow your enemies away from far away.

Fortnite Update V3.3: Blitz Mode

Fortnite Blitz Mode

The latest Fortnite update brings a new Limited Time Mode to the game. Blitz Mode adds more loot, more, faster-dropping supply crates, and bonus launchpad spawns. There'll be more resources, and the zone will move in immediately, so get a move on!

Fortnite Update V3.3: Llamas and Remote Explosives

Fortnite llamas

Fortnite update v3.3 brings supply llamas to battle royale. They'll act a lot like chests, offering you random rewards in "unexpected places." There's also a new weapon, the Remote Explosive, allowing you to wreak havoc from afar.

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Cross-play has also been enabled with Fortnite v3.3, but it's not quite clear how it works just yet.

Fortnite Update V3.2: Teams of 20

Fortnite teams of 20

Fortnite update v3.2 brings a new limited time game mode to Fortnite Battle Royale. Teams of 20 is exactly as it sounds, pitting five teams of 20 players against each other. There's also a new skin, Burnout, available with the update.

Fortnite Update V3.1: Lucky Landing and Hunting Rifle

Fortnite lucky landing

Fortnite update v3.1 adds a whole new point of interest to the island. Lucky Landing can be found on the very south coast, beneath Tilted Towers. V3.1 also adds the Hunting Rifle to the game, allowing you to practice your no-scopes.

Fortnite Update V3.0: Season Three and Handcannons

Fortnite season three

Fortnite update v3.0 herals the beginning of season three of Fortnite Battle Royale. As well as new Fortnite skins and a new Fortnite Battle Pass, v3.0 also brings the powerful Handcannon to the game.

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