Fortnite 5.3 patch notes: new Rift-To-Go item coming to Battle Royale

What are the latest Fortnite patch notes? Here’s what’s new in the latest Fortnite 5.3 update

fortnite 53 patch notes

Fortnite 5.3 patch notes are finally upon us after delay pushed the update back from its usual Tuesday slot. Instead the next Fortnite update will land on August 23, which is a Thursday. That means that challenge day is also being pushed back, so expect week 7 challenges to become available Friday, August 24. No reason has been given for the schedule shift, but it could be a result of this week being Gamescom.

So, what’s the shiny new Fortnite item awaiting us with the 5.3 update. A recent in-game news alert listed an upcoming item called the Rift-To-Go, here’s the accompanying description: “A rift you carry in your pocket! Teleport above your current location and glide down.”

The next Fortnite item, the Rift-To-Go, immediately transports you to Rift high above your current location. The Rift-To-Go is consumed rather than thrown down or placed, allowing you to get out of trouble sharpish.

Of course item changes aren’t the only thing to look out for – every Fortnite update also means changes to Limited Time Modes, bug fixes, and rebalances. So here are the full Fortnite 5.3 patch notes to fill you in on what’s new.

We’ll update you on all of those things as soon as the patch notes go live.

Fortnite 5.3 patch notes release date

There might have been a small delay for this week’s Fortnite update, but that shouldn’t affect the time of day that the new item and changes are meant to go live. The Fortnite 5.3 patch notes release date is August 23, and the update should roll out in the morning.

Fortnite 5.3 content update

Fortnite 5.3 update – Score Royale LTM

This mode encourages exploration as well as staying alive for as long as possible. You can earn points by collecting coins, opening chests, and eliminating other players. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins in this new Limited Time Mode.

Mode details

  • Early game Storm circles are larger and the Storms move in more slowly, giving players more time to spread out and search for loot.
  • Late game Storms move in very quickly. Earn enough points for the Victory Royale before they close in.

Scoring details

  • Winning Score (Solo) – 2000
  • Winning Score (Duos) – 3000
  • Winning Score (Squads) – 4500
  • Use an Apple or Mushroom – 10
  • Open an Ammo Box – 25
  • Open a Llama – 50
  • Open a Supply Drop – 100
  • Eliminate an Enemy – 100
  • Open a Treasure Chest – 50
  • Find a Bronze Coin – 30
  • Find a Silver Coin – 50
  • Find a Gold Coin – 100

Fortnite 5.3 update – Playground Mode

This popular practice mode has been updated with more ATKs, Rift portals, and ramps across the map.

Fortnite 5.3 update – weapons and items


Epic only
Can be found in chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Loot Llamas
  • Rift-To-Go is a portable Rift that can be carried in inventory and deployed immediately.
  • When activated, you are teleported into the sky and placed in skydiving mode.
  • The Rift will remain at the location it was deployed for 10 seconds, allowing other players to use it.
  • Drops in stacks of 1 with a max stack size of 2.

Weapon changes

  • Pump Shotgun equip time has been shortened from 0.96 seconds to 0.88 seconds.
  • Double Barrel shotgun now has a spread reduction of 15% while crouched.
  • Clingers will now only explode when their fuse has expired.
  • Clingers will no longer explode if the object they are attached to is destroyed. They will be affected by gravity and fall until they stick to another object or their fuse expires.
  • Impulse Grenade max stack size increased from 8 to 9.
  • Bouncers now need line of sight of a player to activate.

Bug Fixes

  • Vehicles will now fall properly if the structure beneath them is destroyed.
  • Characters who crouch and uncrouch will no longer cause visual or hitbox inconsistencies.
  • Fixed an issue causing 0 damage number to be displayed.
  • Players affected by network issues such as packet loss are now limited in how far they will move until the connection is stable again.
  • Additionally, fixed some inconsistencies with how far and fast players could move under these conditions.
  • The Save the World reward flow will no longer occasionally appear in Battle Royale.
  • When health and shield damage occur at the same time, they will now be combined and displayed as a single shield damage number.
  • Fixed an issue with controller aiming where the input was not properly scaled when aiming down sights or aiming with a scoped weapon.
  • This will slightly increase sensitivity when aiming down sights or with a scoped weapon.
  • Players will no longer emote with their pickaxe in hand.
  • Fixed issue where damage would always show blue numbers when a player’s shield amount would get stuck at a value between 0 and 1.
  • Fixed some shrubs and bushes that took more swings to harvest then intended. They will now be destroyed after the intended number of swings.
  • Weapons will now auto reload if they are equipped and their ammo type is looted.
  • Vending Machines now display the proper costs in the Playground LTM.