Anchors and stagecoaches randomly appear in Fortnite, confusing everyone


While not totally surprising for Fortnite at this point, fans on Reddit have been left baffled after a mysterious ship’s anchor and stagecoach have appeared out of nowhere – much to the amusement of fans, who are running wild in the comments with theories.

This is only the latest of many bizarre and unexplained occurrences in Fortnite. It appears to have something to do with the recent Blast Off event, which introduced ‘rifts’ to the game world after a rocket launch created a tear in the sky. Since then, players have seen unusual objects sporadically drop all over the map, with the anchor and stagecoach being the latest.

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But they aren’t the first peculiar items to have appeared. Players also spotted a spinning tomato head and a ‘Durr Burger’ burger landmark, which later actually appeared in real-life in a Californian desert. Epic Games is leaving an unusual breadcrumb trail that we’re still trying to piece together, though it’s possible it’s baiting us with new content ahead of Fortnite’s fifth season launch, which is scheduled for July 12th. 

Despite the lack of any obvious correlation linking all these weird objects, players have been trying to piece together these clues nonetheless (the latest theory on Reddit is that the anchor may transform the surrounding area into an ocean). It’s also worth noting that, unlike previous landmarks, which appeared before the Blast Off event, the anchor and stagecoach emerged post-rift. The plot thickens.

If you fancy partaking in some detective work yourself, the anchor can be seen on a hill between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores according to Twitter user, RoidedPickle. Just how long it will remain there is uncertain, so it may be worth venturing there quickly, and maybe snapping a picture for prosperity.